Vulpe Maria


Stanley is a very good guide, he gave us all the information we needed and explained to us lot about the sites we visited. He is very funny and takes us to good restaurants. He taught us alot about Singapore’s culture and history.

Cristiana Barbu


Jasmine is a very nice guide, help us take alot of nice picture, like all of them.

Aravind S


Ms Jasmine does three things that few other guides did –

  1. Took unlimited responsibility for the touring group,
  2. Engaged kids beyond what was called for; we had a brat group of pre-teens &
  3. Expert guidance on the touring group’s desires, indulgences & whims

One of the biggest hurdles to relax during a tour were the grumpy kids, but not on this trip. Having Jasmine on your side meant that Kids were thoroughly engaged shuttling between attractions with great conversations & cute little gifts that excited the kids.

She became THE difference between a good tour & a great one!



All our Guides and Drivers were perfect, accommodating, knowledgeable and easy to be with. We were all absolutely satisfied & would recommend your services to our friends. Everyone went above & beyond to serve us & provide for us. Thank you!

Lukas Greisinger


Our guide Stanley is an awesome kind guy, taking us around Singapore. Very competent and fun guy!!

Adrian Spilane


Stanley is a fantastic guide. We got a very comprehensive tour from a very informative and very knowledgeable guide

Ami & Howard Kaplan


Jasmine was an outstanding tour-guide – Knowledgeable, flexible to my needs, pleasant and well spoken. She made the whole trip extraordinary

Charles Jones

United Kingdom

We made the right choice, choosing the right tour agency and their tours. They also provided us with very good tour-guides. Thank you very much, we enjoyed our trip very much!