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In this Pulau Ubin tour, visit the charming island of Pulau Ubin, an island that is about 15 mins boat ride away from mainland Singapore. Pulau Ubin Tour is an impressive example of successful preservation of both Singapore’s heritage as well as the environment.

Pulau Ubin Tour was once a vast supplier of granite. The earliest inhabitants of Pulau Ubin were Orang Laut (Sea People) and indigenous Malays of Bugis and Javanese descent. By the mid-1800s many Chinese families arrived to work in the granite quarries. During the late 1800s, about 50 Malay families moved to Pulau Ubin from mainland Singapore to embrace the fishing industry.

Today, this island is still home to less than 50 inhabitants.

A Different Side Of Singapore

You can find no skyscraper on this island, but only old “kampong” houses. The tour will bring you to visit a different part of the island, and you will see the most beautiful home on this island, a Tudor Style house that is built in 1930 and is commonly known to the villagers as “House No 1”. Visitors will also visit Chek Jawa, the largest natural intertidal wetland located on the eastern tip of Pulau Ubin. Chek Jawa is precious because several different ecosystems can be seen here in one small area. These provide refuge for plants and animals that are no longer common elsewhere in Singapore.

During this 3 hours tour, you will also hear fascinating stories about this island, walk along the Chek Jawa Boardwalk, and also visit a 150 years old temple.



3 Hours
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2:00 pm GMT/UTC +8
$150 Per Person (Min. 2 Pax)

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$150/Pax (Min 2)


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