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The Creepy Tales of Singapore



Transportation around the different creepy places with a guide that is not so creepy.

Duration: 3 Hours

Meeting point: Haw Par Villa MRT Station Exit A

Time: 7pm ( Tour runs: Every Tuesday, Friday & Sunday )

Price of the Tour: $118 Per Person (Min. 2 Pax)

Remarks: Please be punctual as the tour will start on time.



Before we start, we should warn you: you might want to read this with your lights on.

And so, the night begins, at a hill—where one of the last and fiercest battles of World War 2 went down. To get there is no easy feat, we’ll have to walk along a bridge in a secluded and quiet hill. Rumours have it that many have lost their lives there. So if you dare, keep your eyes on the surrounding as we make our way there. At the top of the trail, we’ll share with you the ghastly story of a local war hero.

Next, we’ll take you to a coastal gun battery near a beach, a place where the Japanese possibly massacred thousands of innocent people during the “Sook Ching” operation. To get to the site, we’ll have to walk in complete darkness. Be sure to keep close, keep your heads down and don’t call anyone by name. There, you’ll learn how the Japanese tried to suss out the spies and the gruesome stories of how they dealt with them.

Our last walk will be down one of the world’s largest Chinese cemetery. It’s estimated to house over 100,000 tombs and has been abandoned since its closure in 1973. During the walk, we’ll show you the difference between a Hokkien and a Teochew tombstone, the “Paupers’ Section”, and share with you some interesting stories of ‘our friends’ there. Because of the lack of light, please make sure to watch your steps at all time. Do not walk too close to a grave or step on any of the monuments.